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Trying Something

2012-02-07 23:23:35 by SoldierOfCake

Well, im trying to make art, and it is really good actually, in fact I like my art, im trying to animate something, but I only dont want, I just need more time or something, well, by the way, I like the new newgrounds.

Hello 2012

2012-02-04 02:00:36 by SoldierOfCake

So hello suckers, fuck you and your mom, you re an asshole fuck everybody in the world I hate you.

I think you wasnt expecting that...

I´ll Buy Adobe Flash CS4

2011-12-08 20:06:30 by SoldierOfCake

Hello guys, today I´ll buy adobe flash cs4 because, the actual adobe flash I have is very old so, I´ll make animations now, well goodbye.